Structured Settlement Brokers | Structured Settlement Calculator | Settlement loan companies

Structured Settlement Brokers | Structured Settlement Calculator | Settlement loan companies

If you have received a structured settlement or annuity from a law suit or by winning the lottery and want some quick cash, the best structured settlement companies can help you. These companies will buy your existing structured settlement payment plan and turn it into quick cash through one lump sum payment. So, you don’t have to wait years for the large payout. The downside is that you may end up with less money in total than you would have if you waited and collected the smaller sums.   We’ve reviewed the best structured settlement companies so you can sell in confidence.

Structure settlement buyers should only really be used when you are in a hurry for the large sum and can’t wait for the smaller payments over the long term.


How Do You Find the Best Structured Settlement Buyer?

A simple search on the Internet will reveal numerous annuity or structured settlement buyers. There are many factors you should consider to choose the right one.

High-quality, trustworthy firms you consider should:

  • Provide helpful customer service representatives and multiple ways to get in touch
  • Make a competitive offer
  • Be licensed and follow appropriate regulations
  • Present options for an immediate cash advance
  • Have a low denial rate
  • Have a positive rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Have a proven record of customer satisfaction
  • Demonstrate complete familiarity with state laws
  • Offer a clear timeline for when you will receive money
  • Provide transparent disclosure of contract information
  • Have positive customer reviews online or with their local Chamber of Commerce
  • Recommend you to speak with a lawyer or accountant before making a decision
  • Show stability and financial health, as evidenced by a large number of structured payment purchases

You should never feel rushed, confused or taken advantage of during the selling process. If you do, it may be a red flag that you should not work with a certain factoring company.

Hiring a broker may help you through this process. Similar to a realtor’s role when you sell a home, a broker will help you sell your annuity for the best price, recommend annuity buyers they’ve worked with previously, and explain and complete paperwork on your behalf. If you decide to hire an annuity broker, make sure to ask about their brokerage fee and confirm they are certified and licensed.


Structured Settlement Companies:
Companies That Buy Structured Settlements



189 S. Orange Ave,
Suite 1600
Orlando, FL 32801

Florida based targets both annuity and structured settlement owners with articles aimed at addressing their questions.



Phone: 800-354-4098 (Corporate Office)
303-337-0400 (Local)
5613 DTC Parkway,
Suite 700
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111



Phone: 952.541.9464
Toll-free: 800.328.3862
2051 Killebrew Drive
Suite #640
Bloomington, MN 55425



Phone: (888) 594-1195
301 Yamato Rd #3200
Boca Raton, Florida 33431


The most common cases are:

Personal InjuryA personal injury case is a civil case where someone who’s been harmed files a lawsuit seeking money from the person believed responsible for the harm. Money in the form of a structured settlement helps recipient pay for medical expenses or other costs.
Medical Malpractice In some unfortunate cases, doctors can do more harm than good. In this instance, injured patients or the families of deceased patients can sue for medical malpractice.
Workers’ Compensation Most people know about workers’ compensation, which pays workers who get injured on the job while they recover. Payments can be used for medical treatment and wage replacement during periods when injured employees are unable to work and other expenses.
Wrongful Death A structured settlement is also a common way to compensate family members who claim loved ones were victims of wrongful deaths. Families may be entitled to receive a stream of tax-free payments, to replace income after a loved one’s death.